Hair Falling Out After Pregnancy. There is a myth that women will be healthy again in just six weeks after childbirth. In fact, hormonal and physical changes still occur until the next few months. One example of the change is postpartum hair loss that can occur for three to six months after delivery.
After all the efforts and surprises that occur during pregnancy, childbirth, and the early period of the baby is born, mothers really hope that they have passed its climax. As a result, they will be very surprised when they find a pile of hair in their hands as they shampoo, hair that participated in water while using a shower or hair comb filled with thousands of strands of hair.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy make your hair look more beautiful. Hair becomes more lustrous, smoother, thicker. The tip of the hair is not forked. Hair does not fall out. Even hair color can also change. Straight hair can become wavy or wavy hair can become straight. Women usually lose 100 hairs each day. All of these hairs do not fall out during pregnancy. Generally between 3 to 6 months after delivery you will find the number of hair loss increases - sometimes you will find hair loss as much as one hand!

What Causes Hair Falling Out After Pregnancy?
The normal hair growth cycle is differentiated in two phases - growth phase and resting phase. The growth cycle lasts for 3 years and the resting phase lasts about 3 months. This duration varies greatly from person to person. Generally 85-95% of hair is still in the growth phase. During the rest period, the hair will be in the follicle until the hair is pushed out by the new hair that grows. However, during pregnancy, hormones stimulate hair growth and percentage.

After the birth process, more hairs enter the resting phase and the hairs will be pushed out of the skin between 3 to 6 months. Most women will get a normal hair growth cycle back 6 to 12 months after delivery.

Tips To Be Comfortable With Hair Falling Out After Pregnancy
Try a good hairstyle
Try some different styles
Use good quality shampoos and conditioners
Try using different products that will make your hair expand
Avoid using a brush or hair comb that will pull and press the hair
Eat enough protein and take vitamin supplements

Nutrition for Hair Health
Biotin: meat, dried beans, seeds
B6: meat, beans, seeds
Omega 3: salmon, seeds, macadamia nuts, walnuts
Copper: grains, dried fruit, almonds, vegetables
Zinc: grains, vegetables, meat, seafood
If you belong to 50 percent of women who experience this, remember that this is only temporary and the good news is that every hair is falling out, there will be new hair that grows.

And thats the tips for Hair Falling Out After Pregnancy.