Increas TestosteronTestosterone is a stereoid hormone of the androgen group that plays an important role for health, both in male aliases. By means of average, adult males produce about 20 times less than women. Testosterone levels are at the top of the list at a young age, and will decline when a person enters his 30s.

In addition to being responsible for the sexual benefits, testosterone also plays an important role in keeping the muscles and bones strong, and keeping the fat to remain distributed uniformly in the body. Not only changes in sexual benefits and decreased muscle mass and bone density, low levels of testosterone can cause Some health problems are classified as an increase in “bad” cholesterol.

Adding Testosterone Hormone With Natural Way
In fact, supplements to increase testosterone have been around for years, but people are still skeptical of long-term side effects. And in some circumstances, some people with a history of prostate cancer have been warned not to take the supplements. Well, there is a natural and safe tutorial for adding testosterone levels, including the following:

1. Lose weight
Excess body fat can lower testosterone levels, especially when overweight is focused in the form of belly fat. A study at the University at Buffalo found that 40 percent of obese men had low testosterone levels. Another study also found that 75 percent of very fat males, both young and old, are known to have low testosterone levels. So, one solution to increase testosterone levels is to tutorial lose weight.

2. Drinking coffee

In addition to giving energy jolts, caffeine can increase testosterone levels. A study from the Harvard School of Public Health found that drinking five (170 grams) of coffee cups daily as a month was known to increase the ratio of testosterone to estrogen by at least 200 percent in overweight men despite its persistent effects. However, you should consult your doctor before taking them.

3. The level of vitamin D intake
Vitamin D is actually also a hormone, and according to a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, about 75 percent of Americans lack this vitamin. A three-year study in adult men published in Hormone and Metabolic Research found that men who had high levels of vitamin D were known to have higher testosterone levels than those with low vitamin D levels.

Another study found that men with low testosterone levels were given vitamin D supplements (3,332 IU) daily as a year increased testosterone levels by 20 percent. Scientists believe that vitamin D makes the body from altering testosterone-to-estrogen, which at the same time makes receptors in the adrenal glands (which release testosterone), making it more sensitive.

4. Overcoming stress
According to a study from the University of Texas at Austin, when a person is stressed, his body will release the hormone stress cortisol in large numbers. This factor can inhibit the role of the hormone testosterone. Robert Josephs, the lead researcher, revealed that when cortisol levels remain high as experienced by people under stressful conditions, performance to reproduce (testosterone) will continue to be difficult. But the effects of cortisol hormones will be more in line with the decrease in stress levels experienced by a person.

5. Quite a sleep
A study in the Netherlands found that older men (64-74 years old) could raise their testosterone levels by getting a good night’s sleep. For a long time they slept, keep not a few of the hormone testosterone that circulates in their blood. Too little sleep can lower testosterone levels. A study at the University of Chicago Medical Center found that no more sleep a week could lower testosterone levels by 15 percent.

6. Sports
In addition to maintaining fitness, exercise can increase testosterone levels. A study at Baylor University found that testosterone levels would remain high within the next 48 hours after performing weight-bearing exercise. At the interim, unequal studies showed that exercise in a short span of 6 seconds, Testosterone.

Other studies have found that exercise at night also works to increase testosterone levels. However, do not overdo it in meperbuatnya, because a study at the Universirty of North Carolina found that excessive exercise can reduce testosterone levels by 40 percent.

7. Eating almonds, Brazil nuts, Walnuts, and peanuts
They can increase testosterone production. Several studies have found that men who eat foods high in monounsaturated fat, a type of fat that is not uncommon in nuts, is known to have very high testosterone levels. High levels of aspartic acid (1 of 20 protein amino acids) in these nuts can increase the production of testosterone and increase blood levels in the body.

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