Hair loss problems can attack anyone, both women and men. If left continuously, then the problem of hair loss can lead to baldness. Men are usually the party most often experiencing problems with baldness. Baldness in men is due to excessive dihydrotestosterone (DHT) produced. Besides overcoming hair baldness with the use of tonics, serums, or medicines, some try to take steps faster with grafts or hair transplants.

According to Dr. Daniel Widiyanto, men who are at risk of experiencing baldness can be seen early on, namely their heart-shaped face. So, the hair on the front and right of the head is more indented than the front hair in the middle. Right and left front hair has baldness due to its sensitivity. The skin in that part is considered more susceptible to baldness.

Despite experiencing bald hair, it turns out there is a solution that can be done one of them by grafting or hair transplant. Hair transplantation is a technique of transferring hair from the head area that experiences baldness from the same person. Generally the most hairy head area and relatively no baldness is the back, so that the area is most often used as a donor.

The method of transfer for hair grafts is done by mini-micrograft or follicular unit transplantation so that the hair can grow naturally. In various countries, the most commonly used method is the technique strip. Grafted hair just starts to grow normally around 3 months after planting. Because the adaptation period of hair in a new place is about 3 months.

The planted hair will still grow normally and have the same properties as the origin of the hair taken. Although within 3 months the transplanted hair turns out to fall out, it turns out that the hair can still live and grow as long as the hair roots remain alive.

But keep in mind that hair grafts can not be done just like that. Hair transplantation can only be done if the hair area to be donated meets the requirements, both in quantity, density, and quality. In addition, you are also advised to go on a special diet for 1 week before the transplant process is carried out to minimize the blood that comes out during the hair transplant procedure.

The duration of the hair transplant process takes around 4-6 hours, depending on how large the hair area is bald. Generally you will be sedated locally so you don't experience pain. Some people even fall asleep during the transplant process because they don't feel sick at all.

Hair transplant costs in Amsterdam, Netherlands
50 graphs (trials) 570
<600 graphs 3300
600 - 700 graphs 4400
700 - 800 graphs 4900
800 - 1000 graphs 5800
1000 - 1200 graphs 6950
1200 - 1400 graphs 7900
1400 - 1600 graphs 8700
1600 - 1800 graphs 9400
> 1800 graphs 2.50 per graph

Hair transplant costs in France
Dr. Pascal P. Grange 12,000
Dr. Bernard Sillam 11,400
Dr. Thierry Fontaine 9900
Dr. Grald Franchi MD 8500
The Challenghair clinic is 8100
Champs Elysees Clinic 8000 - 9,000
Dr. Gerard Boutboul 6000
Dr. Eric Bouhanna 6000
Dr. Bertrand Joly 6000
Dr. Yohann Derhy 6,000 - 7,000
Dr. Patrick PATURAL 4100

Hair transplant costs in Switzerland
Dr. Jean-Luc COHEN 11,000
LACLINIC Montreux - Dr. Michel E. Pfulg 8594
Dr Daniel P. Espinoza 8000
Dr. Von Albertini's directors 4500

In order to find out more definite costs for a hair transplant in 2018, you should immediately contact the doctor or clinic in question. Hair transplant clinics are usually in cities.